Actors Send A Million Bottles Of Water To Michigan


Sean Combs, Mark Wahlberg, Eminem and Wiz Khalifa have sent a million jugs of water to Michigan after news spread that the water in Flint had risky levels of lead, and can’t be ingested.

Pearl Jam, Big Sean and Meek Mill had effectively joined the cause, trailed by another arrangement of VIPs, including Combs and Wahlberg who have dispatched bottles from their wellness water brand AQUAhydrate to be conveyed to city inhabitants.

Numerous have faulted the chairman Rick Snyder for not tending to the issue legitimately, as it has been an intensifying issue since 2014. Wahlberg noted, “At any rate he ought to leave. At any rateā€¦ Listen, everyone’s qualified for a reasonable trial in the United States of America, however that man ought to get one. Furthermore, soon. That is only my own conclusion.”

Wahlberg considers water appropriation important, to such an extent, he even established a NGO to give water to immature nations. He communicated how the issue in Flint was like issues in Ethiopia, “We were in Ethiopia together six or seven years prior and this Flint thing has helped me to remember this time in this little town where these children were gathering this water was about the shade of chocolate milk… Sort of like the water in Flint, really. What’s more, they were topping off these little jugs with it to take it to class.”

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  1. what is that like a few hundred thousand dollars? and how much would it cost to ship in like 10 times that much tap water in tanker trucks? what about a machine to purify some of the water? stars are so smart.

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