This Toddler’s Reaction To Heavy Metal Music Will Be The Cutest Thing You See Today

Mosh pits at heavy metal concerts are filled with punching, pushing, hitting, and the inevitable fear of not making it out alive.

These aspects do not apply to the Australian toddler in this video, who has moshing down to a science before he can even formulate a complete sentence.

The youngster pleads with his father, Kye Parry, to put on some thrasher music by stuttering the word “metal.” Parry responds by asking if his son really wants metal, and with no hesitation the boy utters, “Yes.”

When the music starts, the toddler’s eyes light up as he starts moshing around the living room with a smile on his face that reaches from ear to ear.

After witnessing this adorable boy’s love for the heavy metal scene, your view of moshing will be forever changed.

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