Photographer Shows Hungry Dogs Catching Treats And The Result Is Tremendous

Every dog owner has that moment when they think they’re pup is the cutest and funniest dog in the entire world. We watch them slide into rooms, beg for food, and chase their tales. But, hysterical moments are usually missed or only caught by their owners.

A German photographer has decided to capture the simple hilarity of all dogs by taking snapshots of a few K9’s as they try to catch a treat. What he gets out of these dogs is absolute perfection. Christian Vieler manages to depict every emotion a dog has when they desperately jump for a biscuit. Each expression of happiness and utter confusion is shown in a freeze frame that’s almost too cute to be real.

Take a look at the magic of these pictures and share them with your dog loving friends and family. Maybe you’ll see a bit of your K9 in one of these hungry pups.


funny-dogs-catching-food-fotos-frei-schnauze-christian-vieler-9 funny-dogs-catching-food-fotos-frei-schnauze-christian-vieler-10 funny-dogs-catching-food-fotos-frei-schnauze-christian-vieler-13 funny-dogs-catching-food-fotos-frei-schnauze-christian-vieler-15 funny-dogs-catching-food-fotos-frei-schnauze-christian-vieler-21 funny-dogs-catching-food-fotos-frei-schnauze-christian-vieler-22 funny-dogs-catching-food-fotos-frei-schnauze-christian-vieler-2 funny-dogs-catching-food-fotos-frei-schnauze-christian-vieler-6 funny-dogs-catching-food-fotos-frei-schnauze-christian-vieler-8

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