Frozen Girl Found Well Preserved 500 Years Later


This is the picture of a maiden who was mummified 500 years ago. She had a disease of her lungs which was infectious. She was sacrificed due to others being afraid of catching the disease. 500 years ago, there were no advanced ways to medically treat such a patient. The 15 year old girl had an infectious disease which resembled to tuberculosis. She was sacrificed on the Argentinian volcano Llullaillaco, 22,100 feet above sea level. Today’s scientists came to know of the disease after taking the lip samples of the mummy, and compared them with a diseased patient of today.

The reason why in 1918, it was considered just another deadly disease is obvious now. There were no advanced techniques of getting to know the disease. Also, there were a lack of medicines which could cure the disease. The mummy was so well preserved that the lice on her hair were present and she looked like just another person on our planet. When the mummy was opened, the girl seemed like an alive girl and she did not have any missing or injured organs.


‘The doctors have been shaking their heads and saying she sure doesn’t look 500 years old, but as if she had died a few weeks ago.’, said a US archaeologist who was also astonished at the condition of the girl. The preservation techniques were really awesome at that time. She was sacrificed for no other reason than that she would be able to live a good life in heaven with the gods and will not be suffering as she suffered now. This was a ritual carried out by the people where she used to lived.

Detecting diseases in ancient remains like this one is basically avoided, so that the disease is not contracted by the person who is observing the remains. The teenager was taken from the slopes of a big volcano in 1999, by a team of climbers and archaeologists who were climbing for three consecutive days. There were three other children with the girl who were present at that time. The mummy had frozen because of the cold and had remained frozen 500 years. Maybe that is the reason that she is preserved to perfection until today.


Ritual killings and sacrifices of even new born babies were common, but they did not mean any harm to anyone. The girl was also sacrificed so that she could have a better life and that she be freed of the suffering she was going through. All the scientists and archaeologists were surprised to see the freshness of the corpse. It did not look like she has been dead for ages; rather it looked like she has just died a week ago. Whether or not the sacrifice was accepted, no one knows it for sure.

She has been called the best preserved mummy, maybe because of the freezing cold temperatures her body did decomposed. Before the sacrifice, the children including this lady of fifteen years of age, ate maize and animal proteins so that they would be able to bear the cold temperature. Children are sacrificed in these cultures and they are considered the purest of beings without any bad or evil thoughts or a sense of jealousy or anything else in their hearts. This sort of sacrifice is considered to be accepted by the gods.

The most sacred sacrifice is considered to be by those parents who sacrifice their child just after the moment they are born. This might seem crazy and twisted, but according to some religious people, this sacrifice is the most sacred and is most accepted by gods. The gods do not reject this sacrifice. The sacrifice of these children though was not for any purpose except for giving the children a better life in the heavens and getting them out of their worldly suffering.

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