Colts Attempt NFL’s Most Ridiculous Fake on 4th Down, Fail Miserably

It’s time for Indianapolis to get a wake up call—and the Twittersphere promptly sounded an alarm after a huge gaffe in Sunday night’s game against New England. Indy attempted a trick play so ridiculous it caused commentators and fans to collectively wonder, “what the hell were they thinking?”

Things were looking up toward the end of the third quarter—the Colts had the ball and were up against the Pats on 4th and 3. Then the Colts lined up for what was arguably the worst trick play to ever be attempted in NFL history.

Watch as a majority of the Colts take the right side of the field and prepare for Pat McAfee to punt the ball. Notice how, in a strange turn of events, Griff Whalen snaps the ball on the left side to Colt Anderson.

Anderson is tackled by the Pats in a matter of 2 seconds and a flag is thrown almost immediately for the illegal formation. The Patriots grab the ball at Indiana’s 36-yard line and promptly drive the field to score a touchdown that puts them in the lead 34-21. Despite an additional touchdown, the reckless trick play cost the Colts the game. Twitter was ablaze with fan reactions to the major fail that now has the Colts’ record sitting at a stale 3-3.

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