Japan Invented The Most Amazing Thing Ever – The Chocolate Slice


First there were the much-loved individually wrapped cheese slices for the lunch box – a childhood favorite for many. But now the concept has been taken a step further, with chocolate now sold sliced up in exactly the same way.

The product, developed by Japanese company Bourbon, has blown up on social media – many unsure of what to think of the idea.


The company has launched the chocolate slices with a number of suggestions for how to consume it – from slapping a slice on a piece of bread and melting it in, to cutting out shapes and putting them on a cracker for a mid-afternoon snack.

The slogan ‘Cut, Roll, Wrap, On!’ sums up the options for the chocolate slices.

You can see people wrapping up the slice of chocolate inside a fruity crepe, or others inserting a piece wrapped up inside sponge cake.

Other ways to use them include melting them over sliced up banana atop a slice of bread, laying them over pancakes, decorating cakes, and wrapping them around Christmas snacks.


‘Full-bodied deep, melting in the mouth smooth ganache [sic],’ their advertisement reads, adding that each slice is just two millimetres.

‘Cute handmade chocolate cracker sandwich crackers…wrapped in with fruit and cream crepes for a fruit chocolate crepe [sic].’

‘Enjoy a full-bodied and rich chocolate sense…please enjoy with your favourite recipe [sic].’


And despite a base price of ¥3,000 ($34) for a pack of 60, they have since sold out.

The chocolate is just like normal everyday chocolate and has a six month refrigerator shelf-life from the date of manufacture.

People on social media have had a mixed reaction to the idea and many have offered up their own ways to consume the product.

‘Wow! Toast some nuts in the toaster-oven, lay a slice of chocolate on top of them briefly, then use a spatula to put it all on top of your ice cream! The world continues to conspire to sabotage my urges to diet!’ One fan said.

‘I wanna grilled chocolate sammich [sic],’ another said.

‘Must buy this for decorating desserts imagine cheesecake with these after you cut and then freeze the chocolate into little tulips!’

Others were less sure.

‘Kinda gross if you ask me [sic],’ one unimpressed social media user wrote.

‘Chocolate is great, but I will never understand the attraction of putting it between two slices of bread,’ another said.

‘Both intrigued and disgusted at the same time…. how lazy does a person have to be to not use their own chocolate spread?’ Said another.

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